Key concepts - Configuration of Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents has a number of advanced features that let you extend the capabilities of what bot conversations can do.

These features go beyond basic topic authoring and bot conversations and allow you to create a personalized look and feel to your bot, as well as give you more flexibility in what you users can ask your bot to do.

You can accept files for upload, sign-in to backend systems, and seamlessly integrate between virtual support conversations and support help from live agents.


In this section

Topic Description
Configure end-user authentication Allow users to sign in with any OAuth2 identity provider directly in a bot conversation.
Configure hand off to a generic engagement hub Hand off conversations to any engagement hub.
Configure hand off to Omnichannel for Customer Service Seamlessly and contextually hand off bot conversations to live (human) agents using Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
Customize the look and feel of your bot Send and receive dynamic responses (such as adaptive cards and carousels) that you can custom render directly in the bot conversation.
Configure your bot to automatically start the conversation Make your bot start the conversation automatically whenever the bot is loaded.
Enable and configure Azure Bot Framework Skills Extend your bot with Bot Framework Skills.