Analyze session information in the Power Virtual Agents app in Microsoft Teams

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By default, you can download up to seven days of bot conversation transcript sessions from the past 30 days directly from the Power Virtual Agents app in Microsoft Teams.


If you no longer have access to your environment, you'll need to create a support request in the Power Platform admin center.


Download session transcript information from the Power Virtual Agents app in Teams

  1. Select Analytics on the side navigation pane. Go to the Sessions tab.

    If your bot had a high number of sessions, they'll be broken down into multiple rows. Each row contains 2500 sessions.

  2. Click on each row to download the session transcripts for the specified timeframe.

    Screenshot of the sessions download page in the Power Virtual Agents app in Teams.


You need to have sufficient permissions to download sessions. If you're using the Power Virtual Agents app in Teams, you need to be the Team Owner.

The downloaded file contains the following information:

  • SessionID: A unique identifier per session.

  • StartDateTime: Time at which the session started. Entries are sorted by this column in descending order.

  • InitialUserMessage: First message typed by the user.

  • TopicName: Name of the last authored topic that was triggered in this session.

  • ChatTranscript: Transcript of the session in the following format:

    • User says:" "; Bot says:" "; structure
    • Conversation turns are separated by semicolons
    • Bot says doesn't include the options presented to the user.


    User says: store hours; Bot says: Which store are you asking about?; User says: Bellevue; Bot says: Bellevue store is open from 10am to 7pm every day.;
  • SessionOutcome: Outcome of the session (Resolved, Escalated, Abandoned, Unengaged).

  • TopicId: A unique identifier of the last authored topic triggered in this session.


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