Common issues and resolutions for PowerApps

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  1. Data Table control

    • Cause: If you rename a Data Table control, it might stop showing data.

      Solution: Cut the control from the app, and then paste it back into the app.

    • Cause: If you change the Items property of a Data Table control, it might stop reflecting customizations such as which fields to show.

      Solution 1: Confirm that your data source contains data.

      Solution 2: If you’ve set the control’s Items property to a formula that contains a Filter function, a Search function, or similar, confirm that the result of the formula contains data.

      Solution 3: If the data source for the control is a collection and the app contains a ClearCollect or Clear function, confirm that the function is used only in the OnStart property for the app.

      Solution 4: Instead of specifying the Items property of the control by typing it out, build the entire formula in a separate location (for example, in the Items property of another Data Table control), copy the formula, and then paste it into the formula bar.

      1. Add another Data Table control by clicking or tapping Data Table on the Insert tab. Don’t copy the original Data Table control and then paste it into the app.
      2. With the second Data Table control selected and the property list set to Items, type the name of the same data source that you want to show in the original Data Table control.
      3. Customize the Items property of the second Data Table control to meet your needs, using Intellisense as a guide.
      4. Copy the formula from the Items property of the second Data Table control, and then paste the formula into the Items property of the original Data Table control.
      5. Delete the second Data Table control.
    • Cause: If you copy and paste a Data Table control for which the Items property is set to a formula that contains a Filter function, the right-hand pane (in which you specify the fields to show) might send unnecessary requests, stop responding, or both.

      Solution: Before you copy the control, confirm that the Filter function doesn’t reference any field in the data source that has the same name as a column in the Data Table control. If it does, rename the column in the Data Table control.

  2. Camera controls in PowerApps Studio for Windows

    PowerApps Studio for Windows may crash if you add a camera control or open an app that uses a camera control. To avoid this problem, use PowerApps Studio for web when adding or using a camera control.

  3. Release 2.0.700 on Android devices

    If you install release 2.0.700 on an Android device and then can't open apps (or an app stops responding), uninstall PowerApps, restart the device, and then reinstall PowerApps.

  4. "Empty" gallery when opening an app

    If you generate an app automatically from data, save the app, and then reopen it, the browse gallery might not immediately show any data. To resolve this issue, type at least one character in the search box, and then delete the text that you typed. The gallery will then show data as expected.

  5. Upgrading PowerApps on Windows 8.1

    If you install PowerApps on a computer that’s running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, keep the Windows Store app open and active, use the Settings charm to check for updates, and then install them.

  6. Custom connectors and the Common Data Service

    If an app created using PowerApps build 2.0.540 or earlier relies on a database in the Common Data Service and at least one custom connector in a different environment, you’ll need to deploy the connector to the same environment as the database and update the app to use the new connector. Otherwise, a dialog box will notify users that the API was not found. For more information, see the overview of environments.

  7. Running an app on Windows 8.1

    If you install this update for Windows 8.1, you can't run apps that you open in PowerApps Studio on that operating system. However, you can still run apps that you open in or using PowerApps Mobile.

  8. Column names with spaces

    If you're using a SharePoint list or an Excel table in which a column name contains a space, PowerApps will replace it with "_x0020_". For example, "Column Name" in SharePoint or Excel will appear as "Column_x0020_Name" in PowerApps when displayed in the data layout or used in a formula.


  1. Changing a flow in a shared app

    If you add a flow to an app, share it, and then add a service or change a connection in the flow, you must remove the flow from the shared app, re-add the flow, and reshare the app. Otherwise, users who trigger the flow will get an authentication failure.

  2. Using a localized version.

    If you're running release 2.0.531 on Windows 8.1, you can't type in a Text input control if the device is set to a language that requires an IME window.

  3. Camera control on a Windows Phone

    An app that contains a camera control might crash if you open the app on a Windows Phone that's running build 10.0.10586.107. To avoid this problem, upgrade to the most recent build (for example, by running the Upgrade Advisor).

  4. Opening an app from a template.

    If you're running release 2.0.500 or older, an error message appears when you try to create an app from a template. You must upgrade to be able to use this feature.

    If you're running release 2.0.510 or later, an warning might appear when you try to create an app from a template. However, you can close the message and create the app.

  5. Scanning a barcode

    For information about limitations and best practices when you use a Barcode control, see Scan a barcode.

  6. Creating and modifying apps in a browser

    You can do many, but not all, of the same things in PowerApps Studio for web as you can in PowerApps Studio for Windows. For more information, see Create an app in a browser.

  7. Changing a Title field in an entity

    If you change the Title field for an entity that other entities reference through one or more lookups, an error will occur when you try to save the change. To work around this issue, remove any lookups to the entity for which you want to change the Title field, make the change, and then recreate the lookups. For more information about lookups, see Build a relationship between entities.

  8. Apps that connect to on-premises SharePoint

    If you share an app that relies on connections that aren’t automatically shared (for example, an on-premises SharePoint site), users who open the app in a browser will see a dialog box with no text when they click or tap Sign in. To close the dialog box, click or tap the close (X) icon in the upper-right corner. The dialog box doesn’t appear if you open the app in PowerApps Studio or PowerApps Mobile. For more information about shared connections, see Share app resources.

  9. When PowerApps generates an app from data, the field used for sorting and searching isn't automatically configured.

    To configure this field, edit the Items formula for the gallery, as the sections for filtering and sorting in Add a gallery describe.

  10. For apps that are created from data, only the first 500 records of a data source can be accessed.

    In general, PowerApps works with any size data source by delegating operations to the data source. For operations that can't be delegated, PowerApps will give a warning at authoring time and operate on only the first 500 records of the data source. See the Filter function article for more details about delegation.

  11. Excel data must be formatted as a table.

    For information about limitations when you use Excel as a data source, see Cloud-storage connections.

  12. SharePoint custom lists are supported but not libraries, some types of list columns, or columns that support multiple values or selections.

    For more information, see SharePoint Online.

  13. Co-authoring isn't supported. One author at a time, please.

    You can corrupt an app or over-write others’ changes if more than one person modifies the same app at the same time. Close the app before someone else edits it.

  14. It can sometimes take a moment before a newly shared app can be used.

    In some cases, a newly shared app won't be immediately available. Wait a few moments, and it should become available.

  15. In the Form control, you can't change data by using a custom card.

    The stock custom card is missing the Update property, which is required to write back changes. To work around this:

    • Select the form control, and insert a card by using the right-hand pane based on the field that you want the card to show.
    • Unlock the card, as described in Understanding data cards.
    • Remove or rearrange controls within the card as you see fit, just as you would with the custom card.
  16. An app that's running on Android 5.0, Nexus 6 with Webview versions v48 or v49 may crash.

    Users can fix this problem by updating to a lower version of Webview (3x) or update to Android 6.0.

  17. Camera usage may be temporarily disabled if memory is low.

    If your mobile device is low on memory, the camera is temporarily disabled to avoid crashing the device.

  18. Office 365 Video connector isn't supported.

  19. Card gallery is deprecated.

    Existing apps that use this feature will continue to run for the time being, but you can't add a card gallery. Please replace card galleries with the new Edit form and Display form controls.