Create or edit apps in PowerApps Studio for web

Create and edit apps in PowerApps Studio for web, which opens in a browser window on Windows or other platforms.


  • Sign up for PowerApps.
  • Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer 11 on a computer that's running Windows or a Mac.

Open PowerApps Studio for web

  1. Sign in to
  2. In the lower-left corner, click or tap New app.

    New app in left navigation bar

PowerApps Studio for web opens in a new tab in your browser, where you can create and edit apps in the same way as you can in PowerApps Studio for Windows.

Next steps

Known limitations

  1. Create a connection.

    To create a connection to a data source that requires service authentication, use, and then add the connection to an app in PowerApps Studio for web.

  2. Edit and save an app locally.

    For best results, use PowerApps Studio for Windows to edit and save apps locally. In a browser, you can't save changes to a local app, or you must save a new file instead of replacing the file that you opened.

  3. Use signal functions.

    Acceleration and Compass functions return accurate values in a published app, but those functions return zero values as you create or modify an app in a browser.

  4. Export and import data.

    You can export and import data in a published app but not as you create or modify an app in a browser.

  5. Copy a control across two sessions.

    You can't copy controls from one session of PowerApps Studio for web to another session of PowerApps Studio for web.