Work with data using code in Common Data Service

Common Data Service has entities that are used to model and manage business data. You can use standard entities or create your own custom entities to store data.

Use web services to work with data

Common Data Service provides two web services that you can use to interact with data: Web API and Organization Service. Choose the one that best matches the requirement and your skills.

Flow diagram to choose web service


The Web API is an OData v4 RESTful endpoint. Use this for any programming language that supports HTTP requests and authentication using OAuth 2.0.

More information: Use the Common Data Service Web API

Organization service

Use the .NET Framework SDK assemblies for projects that involve writing plug-ins or workflow extensions.

More information: Use the Common Data Service Organization Service


Use the Xrm.Tooling assemblies if you are creating a Windows client application. More information: Build Windows client applications using the XRM tools