EntityRelationship table/entity reference


Unsure about table vs. entity? See Developers: Understand terminology in Microsoft Dataverse.


Message Web API Operation SDK Assembly
RetrieveEntityChanges RetrieveEntityChangesRequest


Property Value
CollectionSchemaName EntityRelationships
DisplayCollectionName Entity Relationships
DisplayName Entity Relationship
EntitySetName entityrelationships
IsBPFEntity False
LogicalCollectionName entityrelationships
LogicalName entityrelationship
OwnershipType None
PrimaryIdAttribute entityrelationshipid
PrimaryNameAttribute schemaname
SchemaName EntityRelationship

Writable columns/attributes

These columns/attributes return true for either IsValidForCreate or IsValidForUpdate (usually both). Listed by SchemaName.


Property Value
Description Unique identifier of the entity relationship.
DisplayName Entity Relationship
IsValidForForm False
IsValidForRead True
IsValidForUpdate False
LogicalName entityrelationshipid
RequiredLevel SystemRequired
Type Uniqueidentifier


Property Value
Description The name of this Entity Relationship.
DisplayName Name
FormatName Text
IsLocalizable False
IsValidForForm True
IsValidForRead True
LogicalName schemaname
MaxLength 100
RequiredLevel None
Type String

Read-only columns/attributes

These columns/attributes return false for both IsValidForCreate or IsValidForUpdate. Listed by SchemaName.


Property Value
Description For internal use only.
DisplayName Component State
IsValidForForm False
IsValidForRead True
LogicalName componentstate
RequiredLevel SystemRequired
Type Picklist

ComponentState Choices/Options

Value Label
0 Published
1 Unpublished
2 Deleted
3 Deleted Unpublished


Property Value
DateTimeBehavior UserLocal
Description For internal use only.
DisplayName Record Overwrite Time
Format DateOnly
IsValidForForm False
IsValidForRead True
LogicalName overwritetime
RequiredLevel SystemRequired
Type DateTime


Property Value
Description Unique identifier of the associated solution.
DisplayName Solution
IsValidForForm False
IsValidForRead True
LogicalName solutionid
RequiredLevel SystemRequired
Type Uniqueidentifier

One-To-Many Relationships

Listed by SchemaName.


Added by: Solution Component Configuration Solution

Same as solutioncomponentrelationshipconfiguration table entityrelationship_config Many-To-One relationship.

Property Value
ReferencingEntity solutioncomponentrelationshipconfiguration
ReferencingAttribute entityrelationshipid
IsHierarchical False
IsCustomizable False
ReferencedEntityNavigationPropertyName entityrelationship_config
AssociatedMenuConfiguration Behavior: UseCollectionName
Group: Details
Order: 10000
CascadeConfiguration Assign: Cascade
Delete: Cascade
Merge: NoCascade
Reparent: Cascade
Share: Cascade
Unshare: Cascade

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