getAttribute (Client API reference)

Returns the attribute that the control is bound to.

Controls that aren’t bound to an attribute (subgrid, web resource, and IFRAME) don’t have this method. An error will be thrown if you attempt to use this method on one of these controls.

Control types supported

Standard, Lookup, OptionSet



Return Value

Type: Object

Description: An attribute


The constituent controls within a quick view control are included in the controls collection and these controls have the getAttribute method. However, the attribute is not part of the attribute collection for the entity. While you can retrieve the value for that attribute using getValue and even change the value using setValue, changes you make will not be saved with the entity.

The following code shows using the value the contact mobilephone attribute when displayed on an account entity form using a quick view control named contactQuickForm. This code hides the control when the value of the attribute is null.

var quickViewMobilePhoneControl = formContext.getControl("contactQuickForm_contactQuickForm_contact_mobilephone");
if (quickViewMobilePhoneControl.getAttribute().getValue() == null) {

Quick view control