Edit the customizations XML file with schema validation

The customizations.xml file is included within the compressed .zip file exported as a solution. Certain portions of the customizations.xml file can be edited manually. Information about the schema helps you confirm that any modifications you make are valid.

XSD schema files

Download the schemas for the XSD schema files used to validate the customization.xml file in a solution. The necessary files are:

  • CustomizationsSolution.xsd

  • fetch.xsd

  • FormXml.xsd

  • isv.config.xsd

  • RibbonCore.xsd

  • RibbonTypes.xsd

  • RibbonWSS.xsd

  • SiteMap.xsd

  • SiteMapType.xsd

  • VisualizationDataDescription.xsd

    These files are also installed on the on-premises Dynamics 365 (online) Common Data Service server at: [Install Drive]\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\ApplicationFiles

> [!NOTE] > The Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0 release is not available for on-premises deployments. CustomizationsSolution.xsd is the schema for the exported solution. It contains references to the other XSD files. All the files should be located in the same folder.

Using schema validation

Because the exported XML is a text file, you can edit it using a text editor such as Notepad. However, we strongly recommend that you use an application that supports XSD schema validation such as Visual Studio. XSD validation in Visual Studio provides IntelliSense information and schema validation to help prevent errors.

The XSD schema files that are used to validate the customization.xml file in a solution are available here. Download the schemas. Make sure to copy all the files from that folder into the same directory. You will need to associate the customizations.xml file to the CustomizationsSolution.xsd file. That file has links to all the other XSD files in the folder.

  1. Download the XSD schema files and copy all of them to your computer. Save them in the location that Visual Studio uses for XSD validation files. This location is probably [install drive]\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio X.0\Xml\Schemas where X represents the version of Visual Studio.

  2. Right-click the customizations.xml file and select Open With and then select the version of Visual Studio.

  3. Select View and then select Properties Window.

  4. In the Properties window, in the Schemas field, click the ellipsis [...] button.

  5. In the Xml Schemas dialog box you should see the customizationsSolution.xsd. In the Use column, select Use this schema.


    If you do not see it, click Add and browse to where you saved it.

  6. Click OK.

    You are now ready to begin editing the XML with XSD validation.

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