Show, edit, or add a record from a table in PowerApps

To show all fields in a record, add and configure a Display form control in a canvas app. To edit any field in a record (or to add a record) and save your changes back to a data source, add and configure an Edit form control in a canvas app.


Add a form, and show data

  1. Add a Drop down control, name it ChooseProduct, and set its Items property to this value:



    If you're not sure how to add a control, rename it, or set a property, see Add and configure controls.

    The list shows names of flooring products from the data source.

  2. Add an Edit form control, move it below ChooseProduct, and then resize the form to cover most of the screen.

    Add a form


    This topic describes the Edit form control, but similar principles apply to the Display form control.

  3. Set the DataSource property of the form to FlooringEstimates and the Item property of the form to this formula:

    First(Filter(FlooringEstimates, Name=ChooseProduct.Selected.Value))

    This formula specifies that, after you finish configuring the form, it will show the record that the user selects in ChooseProduct.

  4. In the Data pane, click or tap the checkbox for each field to show it.


    If the Data pane is closed, open it by selecting the form in the left-hand pane and then clicking or tapping Data in the right-hand pane.

    Show fields on form

  5. In the Data pane, drag the Name entry to the top of the list.

    Move a card

    The Edit form control reflects your change.

    Name at top

Set the card type for a field

  1. With the form selected, click or tap the card selector for Price in the Data pane.

    Select card selector

  2. Scroll down, and then click or tap the View text option to make the field read-only.

    View text

    The form reflects your change.

    Read-only number

(Edit form only) Save changes

  1. In the left-hand pane, select the form, and then click or tap the ellipsis (...).

    Select the form

  2. Click or tap Rename, and then rename the form EditForm.

  3. Add a Button control, and set its Text property to Save.

    Add a save button

  4. Set the OnSelect property of the Save button to this formula:


  5. Open Preview mode by selecting the play button near the upper-right corner (or by pressing F5).

    Open Preview mode

  6. Change the name of a product, and then click or tap the Save button that you created.

    The SubmitForm function saves your changes to the data source with which you configured the form.

  7. (optional) Select the close icon to close Preview (or press Esc).

    Close Preview

Next steps

Learn more about working with forms and formulas.