Round, RoundDown, and RoundUp functions in Power Apps

Rounds a number.


The Round, RoundDown, and RoundUp functions round a number to the specified number of decimal places:

  • Round rounds up if the next digit is a 5 or higher. Otherwise, this function rounds down.
  • RoundDown always rounds down to the previous lower number.
  • RoundUp always rounds up to the next higher number.

If you pass a single number, the return value is the rounded version of that number. If you pass a single-column table that contains numbers, the return value is a single-column table of rounded numbers. If you have a multi-column table, you can shape it into a single-column table, as working with tables describes.


Round( Number, DecimalPlaces )
RoundDown( Number, DecimalPlaces )
RoundUp( Number, DecimalPlaces )

  • Number - Required. The number to round.
  • DecimalPlaces - Required. The number of places to the right of the decimal point to round to. Use 0 to round to a whole number.


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