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Announcing the release notes

Wondering about upcoming and recently released capabilities in PowerApps? View the release notes. We've captured all the details, end to end, top to bottom, which you can use for planning. You can also review each weekly release with the features and enhancements that it contains.

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Releases are rolled out over several days. New or updated functionality may not appear immediately.

August 20

  • In a canvas app, use the GUID function to create a GUID value or to convert a string to a GUID value.

July 30

July 16

  1. Easier to configure security for Common Data Service for Apps.
  2. Improved Tree view (blog) for canvas apps in PowerApps Studio.

July 9

  1. Identify mistakes and accessibility issues in canvas apps with AppChecker (blog).
  2. Start canvas apps faster with the Concurrent function.

June 18

June 11

  1. Import and export data from Common Data Services for Apps, and open that data in Excel (blog).
  2. Notify function shows banner messages in canvas apps.