How to save images in an Excel file, and then add these images to your app

In this tutorial, we:

  • Create an Excel file and format it as a table
  • Create a connection to OneDrive for Business. Any cloud storage account will work. In this walk-through, OneDrive for Business is used.
  • Create an app with a pen input control
  • Save the images created from the pen input control to an Excel file
  • Display images from an Excel file in your app


  1. Sign up for PowerApps.
  2. Sign in using the same credentials that you used to sign up.
  3. Under Make your own app, hover over the Canvas app from blank tile, select the phone icon, and then select Make this app.
  4. Learn how to add and configure controls.

Create the Excel file as a table

  1. In a blank Excel file, name a column Image [image].

  2. Create a table using the following steps:

    1. Select any piece of data in any row and any column. For example, select Image.

    2. On the Insert ribbon, select Table.

    3. In the dialog window, select My table has headers, and select OK.

      Your Excel file is now in a table format. Format the data as a table provides additional details on table formatting in Excel.

    4. Name the table Drawings:

      Rename table to Drawings

  3. Name the Excel file SavePen.xlsx, and save the file to your cloud storage account (OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, and so on).

Create an app with the pen control

  1. In PowerApps, create a blank app.

  2. In your app, add the cloud storage account as a data source. Once added as a data source, add SavePen.xlsx as a connection, and then select the Drawings table:

    Now, the Drawings table is listed as a Data source.

  3. On the Insert menu, select Text, and then select Pen input. Rename it MyPen:


  4. Add a Button control (Insert menu), and set its OnSelect property to the following formula:
    Patch(Drawings, Defaults(Drawings), {Image:MyPen.Image})

  5. Add an Image gallery control (Insert menu > Gallery), and set its Items property to Drawings. The Image property of the gallery control is automatically set to ThisItem.Image.

    Your screen should look similar to the following:

    Sample screen

  6. Press F5 or select Preview (). Draw something in MyPen, and the select the button. The first image in the gallery control displays what you drew. Add something else to your drawing, and select the button. The second image in the gallery control displays what you drew.

    Close the preview window.

  7. Go to your cloud storage account. There's a new SavePen_images folder that is automatically created. You may need to refresh to see the new folder. This folder contains your saved images with IDs for their file names.

    Open SavePen.xlsx. The Image column includes the path to these new images.

Add the image in an Excel file to your app

In another example, you can save images in a cloud storage account, and then use an Excel table to display the images in your app.

In this example, we use the that contains some .jpeg files.


When displaying images from an Excel file, the path to these images must use forward slashes. When PowerApps saves images to an Excel table (as with the previous steps), the path uses backslashes. So, you can also use the SavePen_images from the previous example. If you do, change the paths in the Excel table to use forward slashes instead of backslashes. Otherwise, the images will not display.

  1. Download, and extract the Assets folder to your cloud storage account.

  2. In an Excel spreadsheet, create a table that looks similar to the following:

    Jackets table

  3. Name the table Jackets. Name the Excel file Assets.xlsx. You can also rename the Assets folder to Assets_images.

  4. In your app, add the Jackets table as a data source.

  5. Add an Image only control (Insert menu > Gallery), and set its Items property to Jackets:

    Items property

    The gallery is automatically updated with the images:

    Jacket images

When you set the Items property, the Excel table is automatically updated with a new column named PowerAppsId.

In the Excel table, the image path can also be the URL to an image. Download the Flooring Estimates sample file to your cloud storage account, add the FlooringEstimates table as a data source in your app, and then set the gallery control to FlooringEstimates. The gallery is automatically updated with the images.

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