Create and edit entities using PowerApps portal

The PowerApps portal provides an easy way to create and edit entities for Common Data Service.

The portal enables configuring the most common options, but certain options can only be set using solution explorer. More information:

View entities

  1. From the PowerApps portal, select either Model-driven or Canvas design mode.
  2. Select Data > Entities

View entities

You can filter the entities you see using the following views in a list:

Entity views

View Description
All Shows all the entities
Custom Shows only custom entities
Default Shows only the standard entities

You can also select Group to group entities by the Tags applied to them.

Create an entity

While viewing entities, in the menu bar select New entity. This will open the New entity panel.

New entity Panel

Enter data for the following fields

Field Description
Display name This is the singular name for the entity that will be shown in the app. This can be changed later.
Plural display name This is the plural name for the entity that will be shown in the app. This can be changed later.
Name This field is pre-populated based on the Display name you enter. It includes the customization prefix for the Common Data Service solution publisher. You cannot change this after the entity is saved.
Description Provide a meaningful description of the purpose of the entity.

Select Next to continue, this will close the New entity panel and display the list of fields.

The Primary Namefield is the only field visible at this point. Select the Primary Name field to edit it if you want to change the Display Nameor Name of the field. The default values are shown below:

Primary Name panel

Select Save Entity to create the entity or continue editing the entity.

Save entity

Edit an entity

While viewing entities, select the entity you want to edit.

Select Settings from the menu if you want to edit the Display name, Plural display name or Description for the entity.

Entity Settings

For other items choose from the tabs.


SeeCreate and edit fields


See Create and edit relationships between entities

Business rules

See Create business rules and recommendations to apply logic in a form


See Create or edit a view


See Create and design forms


See Create or edit dashboards


See Create a system chart


See Define alternate keys to reference records


View the data in the entity. Use the Select view menu to choose from available views for the entity or to show all fields.

Select view

Use the Next Page and Previous Page commands at the bottom of the form to see more data.

Delete an entity

As someone with the system administrator security role, you can delete custom entities that aren’t part of a managed solution.


When you delete a custom entity, the database tables that store data for that entity are deleted and all data they contain is lost. Any associated records that have a parental relationship to the custom entity are also deleted. For more information about parental relationships, see Create and edit relationships between entities.


The only way to recover data from an entity that was deleted is to restore the database from a point before the entity was deleted. More information: Backup and restore instances

While viewing entities, select the entity and select Delete entity from the menu or the context menu.

Delete an entity using the PowerApps portal

If the entity has dependencies that prevent it from being deleted you will see an error message. To identify and remove any dependencies, you will need to use the solution explorer. More information Identify entity dependencies

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