Change model-driven app custom entity icons

When you create a custom entity, it is automatically assigned a default icon. All custom entities use the same icon by default. Use custom icons to differentiate how your custom entities look. You can’t modify the icons assigned to system entities.

You can upload three types of entity icons for each custom entity.

Icon Type Description
Unified Interface Icon Must be a scalable vector graphic (.svg) icon
Icon in Web application An .svg, .gif, .png, or .jpg format image, 16x16 pixels in size.
Icon for entity forms An .svg, .gif, .png, or .jpg format image, 32x32 pixels in size.


All image files must be no more than 10 kilobytes in size.

When you use a scalable vector graphic (.svg) image as the Icon in Web application or Icon for entity forms, it must have the default size set. Since SVG is an XML document, you can edit the svg element width and height values with a text editor to define the default size for the image.

Each type of icon is stored as a Web Resource. You can create the web resources first and then set the icons to use them, or you can create the new web resource within the Lookup Record dialog by selecting New while setting the value. More information: Create or edit web resources to extend an app

Set the icons for a custom entity.

You must use solution explorer to set entity icons.

  1. From the Power Apps portal select Solutions, and then on the toolbar, select Switch to classic.

  2. In the All Solutions list select the unmanaged solution you want.

  3. Open the custom entity where you want to update the icon.

Set entity icons

  1. On the command bar, select Update Icons.

  2. In the Select New Icons dialog box, in the Web Client tab, under Icon in Web application or Icon for Entity Forms, to the right of New Icon, select the Browse button Lookup button.

  3. Select or create the appropriate web resource, and then select OK.

  4. In the Unified Interface tab, do the same for the New Icon field.

  5. Select OK to close the Select New Icons dialog

  6. On the command bar, on the File menu, select Save.

  7. When your changes are complete, publish them. Select Publish in the command bar while the entity is selected in solution explorer.

Community tools

Iconator is a tool that XrmToolbox community developed for Power Apps. See the Developer tools for Common Data Service topic for community developed tools.


The community tools are not a product of Microsoft and does not extend support to the community tools. If you have questions pertaining to the tool, please contact the publisher. More Information: XrmToolBox.

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