What's new in PowerApps

For information about known limitations, see Common issues and resolutions.

Nov. 13

  1. Select multiple values for the same field in SharePoint lists.
  2. View and download attachment in SharePoint lists.
  3. Customize SharePoint list forms using PowerApps.

Nov. 10

  • Rename rules in an app and show rules when the selected control is in the rule condition.

Oct. 30

  1. Show all rules in an app, not just those for the selected control.
  2. Add icons that app creators requested the most.
  3. Improved performance of apps on Android and iOS devices.

Sept. 20

  1. After you save an app for the first time, additional changes are saved every two minutes automatically by default.
  2. Easily create rules for conditional formatting without writing expressions - just set your condition and then design the results right on the PowerApps canvas.
  3. More easily configure forms, galleries, and data tables with a full-height data pane that pops out when a control is added.
  4. Get contextual quick-tips to help you create an app, whether starting from a blank app, a template, a data source, or SharePoint.

Sept. 6

  1. For apps that you create, track usage in an embedded dashboard from Power BI.
  2. Use a delimiter to break a text string into parts by using the Split function.

Aug. 15

  1. Download a list of apps used in your organization.
  2. Delegate Sum, Average, Min, and Max functions for SQL Server.

July 26

  1. Display a Power BI tile inside an app.
  2. Use the Coalesce function to more easily replace a blank value but leave other values as they were.
  3. Use the EndsWith function to test whether a text string ends another text string.
  4. Use the And, Or, or Not operator in a formula.

July 12

  1. Configure properties of controls more easily by using the right-hand pane.
  2. Set an input control’s DisplayMode property to support showing data, editing data, or neither.
  3. Reset an input control to its default value by using the Reset function.
  4. Create global variables by using the Set function.
  5. Show, create, or edit a record in the same form.

June 13

  1. Save changes to a shared app, and then publish them later.
  2. Add prepopulated galleries that have rich layouts and that automatically show data from some of the most commonly used standard entities in the Common Data Service.
  3. Customize the columns in a Data table control, and copy and paste that type of control.
  4. In PowerApps Studio for web, undo/redo changes, and create/edit flows.
  5. Specify a SharePoint list by name if isn't listed by default.
  6. Configure a form control by using an improved UI.
  7. Run a behavior formula when an app opens.

May 26

  1. Identify and select controls more easily by navigating a cascading list of screens.
  2. Easily create forms with multiple columns using a new capability of the Display form and Edit form controls.
  3. Improvements to data tables, including support for static data sources, default fields, and column resizing for app users.
  4. Format dates more easily, and convert between local time and UTC.
  5. Simultaneous edits that corrupt apps are prevented.
  6. Build skills in an individual environment (always free).