Known issues and limitations

This article provides details about the known issues and limitations when using Dataverse for Teams environments.

Additional components

The following components aren't supported:

  • Model-driven apps
  • AI Builder
  • Custom connectors

Component library

Component library isn't supported.


To learn about the limitations of controls in Dataverse for Teams environments, go to Limitations of controls in Power Apps.

Government Community Cloud (GCC)

Dataverse for Teams currently isn't available in Power Apps Government Community Cloud (GCC).

Hidden membership groups

Dataverse for Teams doesn't support hidden membership groups. You'll receive the following error when you try to create an app in a team that has the group visibility set to Hiddenmembership.

Existing limits on this team
You're unable to continue due to an administrative setting on this team. You can try again with another team.

The group may have hidden membership enabled by your administrator. Try using Dataverse for Teams on a new Teams team, an existing team that does not have hidden membership enabled, or contact your administrator.


Localization of Power Apps Studio isn't supported.

Required fields

There is no enforcement of user-created required table fields. Rows that have empty values in those fields can be saved successfully. System required fields are enforced and cannot be saved without a value.


Classic controls

Enabling classic controls requires a refresh of Power Apps Studio.

Canvas components

You may see red errors while using the modern controls in canvas components. These errors won't functionally impact your app, and you can ignore them.

Canvas components

New connections

Connections in the Power Apps Studio that require an authentication dialog fails in the Teams desktop client. Open the Studio in the Teams web client to add these connectors.

Studio and visual editor synchronization

Power Apps Studio doesn't reflect the changes to tables after:

  1. Renaming tables.
  2. Adding relationships within the inline visual editor.

To see the new changes, refresh Power Apps Studio.

Studio version

It's currently not possible to change your Studio version.

Visual editor

Currency, Duration, Language, Ticker, and Timezone fields can't be added using visual editor. To create these fields, use the experience to work with tables as available using solution explorer.


Power Apps Studio and apps currently don't support Dark theme.


  • If a user is an owner of the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) group associated with a team but is not also a member of that group, they may not be able to see that team in the Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents apps.

  • It may take up to 2 hours for deleting, renaming, or restoring a team to reflect correctly within the Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents apps.

  • It may take up to 15 minutes for new team users to be able to see the team within the Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents apps.


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