Send an alert when a new bulletin is posted

The Bulletins sample app for Microsoft Teams provides a central location for all company communication such as broadcasts, memos, announcements, and company news. The app allows you to create, categorize, bookmark, search, and read bulletin posts.

The Bulletins app solution consists of two apps:

Manage bulletins app

  • Manager experience for managing Bulletins app.

  • Allows managers to create, edit, and categorize posts read through the Bulletins app.

Bulletins app

  • Central location for all company communication such as memos, broadcasts, and news.

  • Shows bulletins, FAQs, links, and contacts created using the Manage bulletins app.

In this article, we'll learn how to send an email notification using Power Automate flow, when a new bulletin is created.


Before you proceed, review customize Bulletins app.


To complete this lesson, we'd need the ability to log in into Teams that will be available as part of select Microsoft 365 subscriptions, and will also need to have the Bulletins Power Apps template for Teams installed. This app can be installed from

Create Power Automate flow to send email notification

We'll create a flow to send the email notification. Power Automate makes sending emails easy, and since a flow can be triggered automatically when records are created, the email will be sent whenever a bulletin is added.

  1. Sign in to

  2. On the top-right, select the environment with the same name as the team where the Bulletins app is installed.

  3. Select + Create from the left-pane.

  4. Select Automated cloud flow under the Start from blank option.

  5. Enter a flow name; such as "Send email notification when a new bulletin is added".

  6. For the trigger, find and select When a new row is added, modified, or deleted (Microsoft Dataverse).

  7. Select Create.

  8. In the trigger box, select Change type as Create.

  9. Select Table name as Bulletins.

  10. Select Scope as Organization.

    Select trigger for the alert flow.

  11. Select + New step.

  12. Search for and select the action as Send an email (V2) (Office 365 Outlook).

  13. In the To field, enter the email address you would like to send notifications to. For example, if you want all people in a team to be notified, you could create an email with the address for the team channel. To find this email address, select the three dots by the team channel and select Get email address.

    Get Team Channel's email address.

  14. In the Subject field, enter New Bulletin created.

  15. In the Body, we can display any details we would like to. For example:

    A new Bulletin board {select Title from dynamic content} ({select Subtitle from dynamic content}) was added.

    Send email flow step.


    You can also add a hyperlink to the Bulletin app by selecting the team in which Bulletins is installed, open the app tab, then select the pop out button to open the app in a new window. The URL of the app is in URL field for this window, and you can use this as a hyperlink in your email.

Test the app

  1. Log in Teams and go to Team where the Bulletins app is installed.

  2. Select the Manage Bulletins tab on the top.

  3. Go to the Bulletins tab.

  4. Select New Bulletin on the top-right corner to open new bulletin screen.

  5. Select the Category for which you want the bulletin created.

  6. Enter a title in the Add title text box, such as "Upcoming Offers".

  7. Enter a subtitle in the Add subtitle text box, such as "Summer offers for customers"".

  8. Enter a description in the large text box, such as "This Bulletin will list all the upcoming summer offers for customers".

  9. Select Save, and then select Publish.

In a few minutes, an email as shown in the image below should appear in the inbox of the email address provided in the Power Automate flow.

New Bulletin Email alert screenshot.

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