Add an app to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform built on Office 365 technologies. You can customize the Teams experience by adding Power Apps canvas apps to your channels in Teams. In this topic, you learn how to add the Product Showcase sample app to a Teams channel, and then open the app from that channel.

App embedded in Microsoft Teams

If you're not signed up for Power Apps, sign up for free before you begin.


To follow this procedure, you need an Office 365 subscription and a channel in Teams.

Sign in to Power Apps

Sign into Power Apps at

Add an app

  1. In Microsoft Teams, select a team, and a channel under that team. In this example, it's the General channel under the Business Development team.

  2. Choose + to add a tab.

  3. In the Add a tab dialog box, choose PowerApps.

  4. Choose Sample apps > Product Showcase > Save.

    The app is now available to use in the channel.


You must share your own apps before you add them to Teams (sample apps are shared by default).

Open an app

  1. In Microsoft Teams, choose the team and the channel that contains the app.

  2. Choose the Product Showcase tab.

    The app opens in the channel.

Known issues

In the desktop app for Microsoft Teams:

  • Apps must load content such as images and .pdf files over a secure (https) connection.
  • Not all sensors, such as Acceleration, Compass, and Location, are supported.
  • Only these audio formats are supported: AAC, H264, OGG Vorbis, and WAV.

Clean up resources

To remove the app from the channel, choose the Product Showcase tab > Remove.

Next steps

In this topic, you added the Product Showcase sample app to a Teams channel, and then opened the app from that channel. To learn more about Power Apps, continue to the Power Apps tutorials.