Using quick find to search for rows

Single-table quick find

Single-table quick find is used to find rows of only one type. This search option is available from within a view.

Single-table Quick Find

Multiple-table quick find is also known as categorized search.

  1. To start a categorized search, from the top nav bar, select Search.

    Global Search Button

  2. Type your search words in the search box, and then select Search. Categorized search returns results grouped by table types, such as accounts or contacts.

    Categorized Search Results

With categorized search, you can search for rows that begin with a specific word or use a wildcard character.

  • Begins with: Results include rows that begin with a specific word. For example, if you want to search for "Alpine Ski House," type alp in the search box; if you type ski, the row won't show up.

  • Wildcard: For example, *ski or *ski*.


    Using a wildcard at the beginning of your quick find (single or multiple-table) search query might result in slower performance.

Filter categorized search results

  • To filter results by a row type, choose a row type from the Filter with list.

    Filtering Categorized Search Results

  • To search all row types, choose None from the Filter with list.


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