Search for records in an app

You can search for records across multiple entities by using Relevance search or Categorized search in model-driven apps. Relevance search delivers fast and comprehensive results across multiple entities, in a single list, sorted by relevance. Categorized search returns search results grouped by entity types, such as accounts, contacts or leads.

Normally, Categorized search is the default search option. However, if Relevance search is enabled by your organization, it becomes the default search experience.

  • Begins with: Results include records that begin with a specific word. For example, if you want to search for “Alpine Ski House,” type alp in the search box; if you type ski, the record won’t show up.

  • Wildcard: For example, *ski or *ski*

  • Search within: Results include records that contain a field with all of the words in the search term. The individual words can appear anywhere in the string and in any order. For example, if you search for “Alpine Ski House,” you could find results for “I left the house today to go skiing in the Alpine Meadows,” since all of the search words appear somewhere in the string.

If your organization has turned on both search options (Relevance and Categorized search), then you can switch between the two.

  1. To switch between search types, on the navigation bar, select the Search button.

  2. On the left, select the drop-down menu to switch between Relevance Search or Categorized Search.

  1. From the top nav bar, select Search.

  2. Type your search words in the search box and then select Search.

Filter search results

  • To filter results by one record type, on the search screen, choose a record type from the Filter with: drop-down box.

  • To search against all record types, choose None in the Filter with: drop-down box.