Track your progress with dashboards and charts

Dashboards take a collection of app data and provide insights to show key performance indicators (KPI) and other important data in easy-to-read interactive charts and graphs. Dashboards are available for all record types.


  • To see a different dashboard layout, select the down arrow next to the name of the dashboard, and then select the layout you want.

  • To choose a default dashboard, display the dashboard you want, and then select Set as Default at the top of the screen.

    Add or change dashboard

Create a new dashboard

  1. To create a new dashboard, select Create a Dynamics 365 Dashboard.

    Add a new dashboard

  2. Choose a dashboard layout and select Create.

    Create a dashboard

  3. Type in a name for the dashboard.

  4. Add what you want to each area of your dashboard. For example, let's add a chart.

    Add a chart

  5. Select the Record Type for the chart.

  6. Select a View that the data in the chart will display.

  7. Choose the chart and then select Add.

  8. Continue adding components to the dashboard and when you are done, select Save.

The dashboard that you created will appear in the drop-down menu of available dashboards.

Use charts

Charts provide you with a quick view of how you’re tracking to your goals. They’re also interactive, so you can click or tap an area of a chart to get more info.

  • Hover your mouse over the chart to see a tooltip that provides quick information about that area of the chart.

  • Click on the area of a chart to see a grid view with more details about the data in the chart.

  • To expand a chart, select the Expand Chart Expand chart view button.

  • To view records in the chart or refresh the chart, select More commands and then choose an action: Refresh or View Records.

    View of charts in Power Apps

Change the chart view

Changing the chart view shows you a different breakdown of your data, such as opportunities opened within a specific time period. You can change a chart view by selecting the View selector on the Grid page.

For example, choose "All Opportunities," then select a different view, and both chart and grid will get refreshed.

Change a chart view in Power Apps

Known issues

In the chart designer, adding a order by on certain calculated fields are not supported and will cause an error. The calculated fields causing this are using another calculated fields, a related entity field, or a local field on the entity.