Returns a currency value from the given value.


Currency.From(value as any, optional culture as nullable text, optional roundingMode as nullable number) as nullable number  


Argument Description
value Value to convert.
optional culture A text value corresponding to the culture values supported on your version of Windows, such as "en-US". If the culture is not specified, the current user culture is used. For a list of culture names, see National Language Support (NLS) API Reference.
optional roundingMode Specifies rounding direction when there is a tie between the possible numbers to round to.


If a value is null, Currency.From returns null. If a value is a number within range of currency, the fractional part of the value is rounded to 4 decimal digits and returned. The valid range for currency is -922,337,203,685,477.5808 to 922,337,203,685,477.5807. If value is of any other type or out of the range, an error is returned. See Number.FromText for converting it to a number value, then convert from a number to a 64-bit integer. See Number.Round for the available rounding modes, the default is RoundingMode.ToEven.


Currency.From("1.23455") equals 1.2346  
Currency.From("1.23455", "en-Us", RoundingMode.Down) equals 1.2345