Converts a list of text into a binary value using the specified encoding and lineSeparator.The specified lineSeparator is appended to each line. If not specified then the carriage return and line feed characters are used.


Lines.ToBinary(lines as list, optional lineSeparator as nullable text,  optional encoding as nullable number, optional includeByteOrderMark as nullable logical)as binary  


Argument Description
lines The list of lines to convert.
optional lineSeparator Determines whether the line break characters are included in the line. This is useful when the actual line break is significant and needs to be preserved. If not specified, then it defaults to false.If includeLineSeparators is true, then the line break characters are included in the text.
optional encoding The encoding option to apply.
optional includeByteOrderMark The byte order mark to include.

Binary encoding

  • BinaryEncoding.Base64 = 0;

  • BinaryEncoding.Hex = 1;