Returns a new record that renames the fields specified. The resultant fields will retain their original order. This function supports swapping and chaining field names. However, all target names plus remaining field names must constitute a unique set or an error will occur.


Record.RenameFields(record as record,  renames as list,  optional missingField as nullable number) as record  


Argument Description
record The record to modify.
renames The list of renames to apply.
optional missingField A MissingField enum value to handle missing fields. The default value is MissingField.Error.

MissingField enum

  • MissingField.Error = 0;

  • MissingField.Ignore = 1;

  • MissingField.UseNull = 2;


  • Record.RenameFields swaps and chains field names. If all target names plus remaining field names are not a unique set, an Expression.Error is thrown


Record.RenameFields([OrderID = 1, CustomerID = 1, Item = "Fishing rod", UnitPrice = 100.0], {"UnitPrice","Price"})  
equals [OrderID = 1, CustomerID = 1, Item = "Fishing rod", Price = 100.0]  
OrderID 1
CustomerID 1
Item Fishing rod
Price 100