Azure Stack Module 1.6.0


Minimum supported Azure Stack version is 1811.

Note: If you are using an earlier version install version 1.6.0


# Remove previous versions of AzureStack and AzureRM modules
Uninstall-Module -Name AzureRM -Force
Uninstall-Module -Name Azure.Storage -Force
Uninstall-Module -Name AzureStack -Force
Get-Module -Name "Azs*" -ListAvailable | Uninstall-Module  -Force 
Get-Module -Name "AzureRm*" -ListAvailable | Uninstall-Module  -Force

# Install the AzureRM.Bootstrapper module. Select Yes when prompted to install NuGet
Install-Module -Name AzureRm.BootStrapper

# Install and import the API Version Profile required by Azure Stack into the current PowerShell session.
Use-AzureRmProfile -Profile 2018-03-01-hybrid -Force

# Install Azure Stack Admin Module
Install-Module -Name AzureStack -RequiredVersion 1.6.0

Release Notes

  • Supported with 1811 update
  • Azs.Compute.Admin Module
    • Fixed missing Azs prefix for New-DataDiskObject and added alias with warning of future deprecation.
  • Azs.Update.Admin Module
    • Added a warning to recommend running Test-AzureStack before Install-AzsUpdate
  • Azs.Fabric.Admin
    • New cmdlet (The features are supported by Azure Stack 1811+)
      • Get-AzsDrive
      • Get-AzsVolume
      • Get-AzsStorageSubSystem
    • Deprecation
      • Get-AzsInfrastructureVolume is an alias now to the cmdlet Get-AzsVolume
  • Azs.InfrastructureInsights.Admin
    • Added a new cmdlet Repair-AzsAlert
  • Azs.Storage.Admin
    • Bug fix where default quota values are not being used
  • Azs.Subscriptions.Admin Module
    • Fixed missing Azs prefix for New-AddonPlanDefinitionObject and added alias with warning of future deprecation.