DSC function to query node information from pull server.

function QueryNodeInformation
Param (
       [string] $Uri =
       [string] $ContentType = "application/json"

  Write-Host "Querying node information from pull server URI  = $Uri" -ForegroundColor Green

  Write-Host "Querying node status in content type  = $ContentType " -ForegroundColor Green

   $response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $Uri -Method Get -ContentType $ContentType -UseDefaultCredentials -Headers
    @{Accept = $ContentType}

   if($response.StatusCode -ne 200)
     Write-Host "node information was not retrieved." -ForegroundColor Red

 $jsonResponse = ConvertFrom-Json $response.Content

  return $jsonResponse

Replace the Uri parameter with the URI for your pull server. If you want the node information in XML format, set ContentType to application/xml.

To retrieve the node information from the $json parameter, use the following:

$json = QueryNodeInformation –Uri http://localhost:7070/PSDSCComplianceServer.svc/Status

$json.value | Format-Table TargetName, ConfigurationId, ServerChecksum, NodeCompliant, LastComplianceTime, StatusCode