ResourceGet method of the MSFT_DSCLocalConfigurationManager class

Directly calls the Get method of a DSC resource.


uint32 ResourceGet(
  [in]  string           ResourceType,
  [in]  string           ModuleName,
  [in]  uint8            resourceProperty[],
  [out] OMI_BaseResource configurations


ResourceType [in] The name of the resource to call.

ModuleName [in] The name of the module that contains the resource to call.

resourceProperty [in] Specifies the resource property name and its value in a hash table as key and value, respectively. Use the Get-DscResource cmdlet to discover resource properties and their types.

configurations [out] On return, contains an embedded instance of the configurations.

Return value

Returns zero on success; otherwise returns an error code.


This is a static method.


MOF: DscCore.mof

Namespace: Root\Microsoft\Windows\DesiredStateConfiguration

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