Filtering search results

The Items tab displays all available items in the PowerShell Gallery.

There are several ways to filter, sort, and search the items. To see more details about a particular item, click the item.

Filter By

The drop-down under "Filter By" allows users to filter the results by:

  • Include Prerelease
  • Stable Only

For information about "Prerelease" and "Stable", see Prerelease Versioning Added to PowerShellGet and PowerShell Gallery in the PowerShell Team Blog.

The checkboxes under the drop-down allow users to filter the results by:

  • Item Types
    • Module
    • Script
  • Categories
    • Cmdlet
    • DSC Resource
    • Function
    • Role Capability
    • Workflow

To see only modules in the PowerShell Gallery, check Module in the Item Types. Similarly, to see only scripts in the PowerShell Gallery, check Script in the Item Types.


Filters are inclusive. Example: An item containing both cmdlets and functions will appear if either Cmdlet or Function (or both) are checked. If neither are selected, the item will not appear. Similarly, if all categories are selected, only items containing one of those categories will appear. Items that do not belong to any of those categories will not appear.

Sort By

The Sort By drop-down allows users to sort the results by:

  • Popularity - Popularity is determined by Download Count
  • A-Z - Alphabetically by item name
  • Recent - Items appear in order of publish date

The Search Box allows users to search the items on keywords. For more information, see Gallery Search Syntax.