Gallery Search Syntax

PowerShell Gallery offers a text searchbox where you can use words, phrases and keyword expressions to narrow down search results.

Search by Keywords

dsc azure sql

Search will do its best effort to find relevant documents containing all 3 keywords, and return matching documents.

Search using Phrases and keywords

"azure sql" deployment

Entering a phrase between quotation marks ("") change the search to look for the particular phrase instead of separate keywords. Matching documents should usually contain the exact phrase "azure sql", including variations on capitalization e.g. "Azure SQL", and also usually contain the word 'deployment'.

Filtering on fields

You can search for a specific item ID (or 'Id' or 'id'), or certain other fields by prefixing search terms with the field name.

Currently the searchable fields are 'Id', 'Version', 'Tags', 'Author', 'Owner', 'Functions', 'Cmdlets', 'DscResources' and 'PowerShellVersion'.

[What's the difference between ID and Title? ID is the name you use in the console. Title is what is shown at the top of the item page in search results.]



finds items with "PSReadline" or "AzureRM.Profile" in their ID field respectively.


is another way to find items with "AzureRM.Profile" in their ID field.

The 'Id' filter is a substring match, so if you search for the following:


You'll get results like 'AzureRM.Profile' and 'Azure.Storage'.

You can also search for multiple keywords in a single field. Or mix and match fields.

id:azure tags:intellisense
id:azure id:storage

And you can perform phrase searches:


To search all items with DSC tag.


To search all items with the specified function.


To search all items with the specified cmdlet.


To search all items with the specified DSC Resource name.


To search all items with the specified PowerShellVersion


Finally, if you use a field we don't support, such as 'commands', we'll just ignore it and search all the fields. So the following query

commands:blobs storage

Is interpreted exactly the same as this query:

blobs storage