Gets the registered repositories on a computer.


The Get-PSRepository cmdlet gets PowerShell module repositories that are registered for the current user on a computer.

For each registered repository, Get-PSRepository returns a PSRepository object which can optionally be piped to Unregister-PSRepository for unregistering a registered repository.

Cmdlet syntax

Get-Command -Name Get-PSRepository -Module PowerShellGet -Syntax

Cmdlet online help reference


Example commands

# Properties of Get-PSRepository returned object
Get-PSRepository PSGallery | Format-List * -Force

Name                      : PSGallery
SourceLocation            :
Trusted                   : False
Registered                : True
InstallationPolicy        : Untrusted
PackageManagementProvider : NuGet
PublishLocation           :
ScriptSourceLocation      :
ScriptPublishLocation     :
ProviderOptions           : {}

# Get all registered repositories

# Get a specific registered repository
Get-PSRepository PSGallery

Name                      InstallationPolicy   SourceLocation
----                      ------------------   --------------
PSGallery                 Untrusted  

# Get registered repository with wildcards
Get-PSRepository *Gallery*