Using the Monitoring Charts

In Charts and Reports, the monitoring charts display current and recent data regarding node health, job throughput, and cluster utilization. The node performance counter data is stored in the HCPManagement database. By default, this data is kept for three days.


The Node Health pie chart displays the current proportion of cluster nodes in each Node Health category. Click a segment of the chart or the corresponding entry in the legend to pivot to a filtered view of those nodes in Node Management.

The Job Throughput chart displays trends for jobs in each state for the last three days. The job statistics include clusrun jobs (such as diagnostic tests).

Chart details

The chart details section displays configurable charts about recent cluster resource usage. You can configure the displayed time span up to 50,000 minutes. However, data is only stored for three days by default. For information about modifying the data retention period, see Charts and Reports: HPC Cluster Manager.

To configure the chart details section

  1. In Charts and Reports, click Monitoring Charts.

  2. In the views pane, in Chart details, scroll down to view any charts that are already displayed. To stop viewing a displayed chart and make room for viewing other charts, click the X (the cancel button) in the upper right corner of the displayed chart.

  3. In the Metric drop-down list, select a metric to the display and then click Add. (Any metric that is already displayed does not appear in the list.)

  4. If you want to view a chart that spans a different length of time, select the value in X axis (minutes), type a different number of minutes, and then press ENTER or click Refresh.

  5. If you want to modify the scale of the values in the chart (Y axis), click Autoscale so that it is turned off (not shaded). Then, for Y axis, type your preferred lower and upper values, and press ENTER.

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