Enables usage logging for Rights Management.


Enable-AadrmUsageLogFeature []



This cmdlet from the AADRM module is now deprecated. After July 15, 2020, this cmdlet name will be supported only as an alias to its replacement in the AIPService module.

For more information, see the overview page.

The Enable-AadrmUsageLogFeature cmdlet enables usage logging for Azure Rights Management. After you enable this feature, Rights Management logs all requests served on behalf of your tenant to your storage account.

You must use PowerShell to set this configuration; you cannot do this configuration by using a management portal.

Note: This cmdlet is not needed and will not run successfully after the usage logging change in February 2016. After this date, usage logging is automatically enabled and the only Windows PowerShell cmdlet that you need for Azure RMS usage logging is Get-AadrmUserLog.

For more information about usage logging, see Logging and analyzing Azure Rights Management usage on the Microsoft documentation site.


Example 1: Enable usage logging

PS C:\>Enable-AadrmUsageLogFeature
Usage logging is enabled for the Rights management service.

This command enables usage logging.