Gets user on-boarding control policy for Rights Management.


Get-AadrmOnboardingControlPolicy []


The Get-AadrmOnboardingControlPolicy cmdlet obtains your Azure Rights Management user on-boarding control policy to support a gradual deployment by controlling which users in your organization can protect content by using Azure Rights Management.

You must use PowerShell to view this configuration; you cannot view this configuration by using a management portal.

This control can be based on assigned user licenses for the service or membership in a designated security group. You can also define whether the policy applies to just mobile devices, just Windows clients, or mobile devices and Windows clients. For more information, see Set-AadrmOnboardingControlPolicy.


Example 1: Get the user on-boarding control policy

PS C:\> Get-AadrmOnboardingControlPolicy

This command displays the user on-boarding control policy for Azure Rights Management for your organization.