Gets the UPN suffixes that can be used with device registration.


Get-AdfsDeviceRegistrationUpnSuffix []


The Get-AdfsDeviceRegistrationUpnSuffix cmdlet gets all of the user principal name (UPN) suffixes that you can use when you register a device with Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). The cmdlet returns a list of UPN suffixes and indicates whether a UPN suffix was discovered or manually configured by the administrator, and if the server has a valid SSL binding configured for the UPN suffix.


Example 1: Get the UPN suffixes for the device registration service

PS C:\> Get-AdfsDeviceRegistrationUpnSuffix | Format-List
Upn               :
SslPort           : 443
IsSetAsSslBinding : True
IsCustom          : False

This command gets information on the UPN suffixes that are accepted by the Device Registration Service in AD FS.