Gets the host name, port, and certificate hash for SSL bindings configured for AD FS and the device registration service.


Get-AdfsSslCertificate []


The Get-AdfsSslCertificate cmdlet gets the host name, port, and certificate hash for all SSL bindings configured for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and, if enabled, the device registration service.


Example 1: Get information for SSL bindings

PS C:\> Get-AdfsSslCertificate
HostName                           PortNumber  CertificateHash
--------                           ----------  ---------------                    443      4195EE03C2721F7478B67E94BD83BB373FE22D98
localhost                             443      4195EE03C2721F7478B67E94BD83BB373FE22D98                   49443     4195EE03C2721F7478B67E94BD83BB373FE22D98
EnterpriseRegistration.contoso...     443      4195EE03C2721F7478B67E94BD83BB373FE22D98

This command gets the host names, ports, and certificate hashes for all configured SSL bindings.