Gets job summary statistics for a Batch account.


   -BatchContext <BatchAccountContext>
   [-DefaultProfile <IAzureContextContainer>]


The Get-AzureBatchJobStatistics cmdlet gets lifetime summary statistics for all of the jobs in an Azure Batch account. Statistics are aggregated across all jobs that have ever existed in the account, from account creation to the last update time of the statistics.


Example 1: Get summary statistics for all jobs

PS C:\>Get-AzureBatchJobStatistics -BatchContext $Context
FailedTaskCount    : 330
KernelCpuTime      : 00:24:31.8440000
LastUpdateTime     : 5/16/2016 6:00:00 PM
ReadIOGiB          : 38.1271341182292
ReadIOps           : 26546054
StartTime          : 11/3/2015 9:47:14 PM
SucceededTaskCount : 766
TaskRetryCount     : 0
Url                :
UserCpuTime        : 20:55:50.3200000
WaitTime           : 03:54:49.8530000
WallClockTime      : 20:55:50.3200000
WriteIOGiB         : 0.159623090177774
WriteIOps          : 146946

The first command creates an object reference to the account keys for the batch account named ContosoBatchAccount by using Get-AzureRmBatchAccountKeys. The command stores this object reference in the $Context variable.

The second command gets the summary statistics for all of the jobs. The command uses the $Context value from the first command.

Required Parameters


Specifies the BatchAccountContext instance that this cmdlet uses to interact with the Batch service. If you use the Get-AzureRmBatchAccount cmdlet to get your BatchAccountContext, then Azure Active Directory authentication will be used when interacting with the Batch service. To use shared key authentication instead, use the Get-AzureRmBatchAccountKeys cmdlet to get a BatchAccountContext object with its access keys populated. When using shared key authentication, the primary access key is used by default. To change the key to use, set the BatchAccountContext.KeyInUse property.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True (ByValue)
Accept wildcard characters:False

Optional Parameters


The credentials, account, tenant, and subscription used for communication with azure.

Aliases:AzureRmContext, AzureCredential
Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:False
Accept wildcard characters:False



Parameter 'BatchContext' accepts value of type 'BatchAccountContext' from the pipeline