Adds an ExpressRoute circuit authorization.


   -ExpressRouteCircuit <PSExpressRouteCircuit>
   -Name <String>


The Add-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuitAuthorization cmdlet adds an authorization to an ExpressRoute circuit. ExpressRoute circuits connect your on-premises network to the Microsoft cloud by using a connectivity provider instead of the public Internet. The owner of an ExpressRoute circuit can create as many as 10 authorizations for each circuit; these authorizations generate an authorization key that can be used by a virtual network owner to connect his or her network to the circuit (one authorization per virtual network). Add-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuitAuthorization adds a new authorization to a circuit and, at the same time, generates the corresponding authorization key. These keys can be viewed at any time by running the Get-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuitAuthorization cmdlet and, as needed, can then be copied and forwarded to the appropriate network owner.

Note that, after running Add-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuitAuthorization, you must call the Set-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuit cmdlet to activate the key. If you do not call Set-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuit the authorization will be added to the circuit but will not be enabled for use.


Example 1: Add an authorization to the specified ExpressRoute circuit

$Circuit = Get-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuit -Name "ContosoCircuit" -ResourceGroupName "ContosoResourceGroup"
Add-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuitAuthorization -Name "ContosoCircuitAuthorization" -Circuit $Circuit
Set-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuit -ExpressRouteCircuit $Circuit

The commands in this example add a new authorization to an existing ExpressRoute circuit. The first command uses Get-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuit to create an object reference to a circuit named ContosoCircuit. That object reference is stored in a variable named $Circuit.

In the second command, the Add-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuitAuthorization cmdlet is used to add a new authorization (ContosoCircuitAuthorization) to the ExpressRoute circuit. This command adds the authorization but does not activate that authorization. Activating an authorization requires the Set-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuit shown in the final command in the example.

Required Parameters


Specifies the ExpressRoute circuit that this cmdlet adds the authorization to.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True (ByValue)
Accept wildcard characters:False

Specifies the name of the circuit authorization to be added.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:False
Accept wildcard characters:False



Add-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuitAuthorization accepts pipelined instances of the Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Network.Models.PSExpressRouteCircuit object.



Add-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuitAuthorization modifies instances of the Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Network.Models.PSExpressRouteCircuit object.