Gets the ETW trace providers.




The Get-SbecTraceProviders cmdlet gets the list of ETW trace providers, building the hash tables for translation from name to GUID and back.

Get-SbecTraceProviders returns a hash table with the following nested hash tables:

  • <ByName>: Finds the provider object by name.
  • <ByGuid>: Finds the provider object by GUID.
  • <NameToGuid>: Translation of provider name (key) to GUID string (value).
  • <GuidToName>: Translation of provider GUID (key) to name (value).

Curly braces are added to the GUIDs when they are converted to strings.

The returned hash table is also saved as a cache, and is returned on subsequent calls. If any new providers are defined, they are added to the cache (and thus to the previously returned references to it) on subsequent calls.

Optional Parameters


Indicates that this operation bypasses the cache.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:False
Accept wildcard characters:False


hash table