Gets the backup window settings for a protection group.


   [-ProtectionGroup] <ProtectionGroup>


The Get-DPMBackupWindow cmdlet gets the backup window settings for a System Center 2016 - Data Protection Manager (DPM) protection group. For more information about backup windows, see the Set-DPMBackupWindow cmdlet.


Example 1: Get backup window settings

PS C:\>$PGroup = Get-DPMProtectionGroup | Where {$_.FriendlyName -like "*ContosoPG*"}
PS C:\> Get-DPMBackupWindow $PGroup

The first command gets protection groups. This command passes the results to the Where-Object cmdlet. That cmdlet drops all results except those that match the specified friendly name. For more information, type Get-Help Where-Object. The command stores the protection group in the $PGroup variable.

The second command gets settings for the backup window of the protection group stored in $PGroup.

Required Parameters


Specifies a protection group for which this cmdlet gets settings. To obtain a ProtectionGroup object, use the Get-DPMProtectionGroup cmdlet.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True (ByValue)
Accept wildcard characters:False