Gets the method of initial online backup for a protection group.


   [-ProtectionGroup] <ProtectionGroup>


The Get-DPMInitialOnlineBackupCreationMethod cmdlet gets the method of initial online backup for a System Center 2016 - Data Protection Manager (DPM) protection group.


Example 1: Get initial online backup method for a protection group

PS C:\> $PGroup = Get-DPMProtectionGroup | Where {$_.FriendlyName -like "MyPG"}
PS C:\> Get-DPMInitialOnlineBackupCreationMethod -ProtectionGroup $PGroup

The first command gets a protection group by using the Get-DPMProtectionGroup cmdlet. That cmdlet gets all protection groups, and passes them to the Where-Object cmdlet by using the pipeline operator. That cmdlet finds the desired group, and then stores that group in the $PGroup variable. For more information, type Get-Help Where-Object.

The second command gets the method of initial online backup for the protection group in $PGroup.

Required Parameters


Specifies a protection group for which this cmdlet gets an online backup method. To obtain a ProtectionGroup object, use the Get-DPMProtectionGroup cmdlet.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True (ByValue)
Accept wildcard characters:False



This cmdlet generates an InitialOnlineBackupMethod object that contains the following properties:

  • IBMethod. The method of initial online backup. Valid values are: Network and OfflineBackup.
  • OfflineBackupParams. The offline backup properties are the following: StagingLocation, AzurePublishSettingsFile, AzureImportJobName, AzureSubscriptionID, AzureStorageAccount, and AzureStorageContainer.