Azure Resource Manager Cmdlets

This section displays the online help files for the Azure Resource Manager. The cmdlets in the AzureRM.* modules let you use Resource Manager in Azure PowerShell.

To install the cmdlets

To install the cmdlets by using PowerShell Gallery using PowerShellGet, you must have Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0. For more information, see Windows Management Framework 5.0 Production Preview. By default, WMF 5.0 comes installed on Windows 10. Run the following commands from the Windows PowerShell console running as Administrator:

PS C:\> Install-Module AzureRM

The first command installs the AzureRM module from the PowerShell Gallery. The second command installs all the component modules of Azure Resource Manager in the module version range specified in the AzureRM module.

Azure Resource Manager is broken into component modules. For example, Azure Resource Management modules for compute services are in module AzureRM.Compute. To import all of the AzureRM modules into the current run space run the following commands.

To import all of the AzureRM.* modules within the known semantic version range, run this command:

PS C:\> Import-Module AzureRM

To import a single AzureRM module, specify the module by name, as in the following example for the AzureRM.Compute module:

PS C:\> Import-Module AzureRM.Compute

To see all of the Azure Resource Manager modules installed and their versions, run the following command:

PS C:\> Get-Module -ListAvailable AzureRM*

To use the cmdlets

To start working with the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets, first log on to your Azure account by using the Add-AzureRMAccount cmdlet.

After logging into Azure, Azure PowerShell creates a context for the given session. That context contains the Azure PowerShell environment, account, tenant, and subscription that will be used for all cmdlets within that session. The context can be manipulated by using the Set-AzureRMContext or Select-AzureRmSubscription cmdlet. To view your current context, run the following command:

PS C:\> Get-AzureRmContext

To view all subscriptions for your account, run the following command:

PS C:\> Get-AzureRmSubscription

To select a default subscription for your current session, run the following command:

PS C:\> Get-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionName "your subscription" | Select-AzureRmSubscription

To select the default storage context for your current session, run the following command:

PS C:\> Set-AzureRmCurrentStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName "your resource group" -StorageAccountName "your storage account name"

To import the Azure.Storage data plane module (blob, queue, table), run the following command:

PS C:\> Import-Module Azure.Storage

To list all of the blobs in all of your containers in all of your accounts, run the following command:

PS C:\> Get-AzureRmStorageAccount | Get-AzureStorageContainer | Get-AzureStorageBlob

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