Contributing to PowerShell documentation

Thank you for your support of PowerShell!

The Contributor's Guide is a collection of articles that describe the tools and processes we use to create documentation at Microsoft. Some of these guides cover information that is common to any documentation set published to Some of the guides are specific to how we write documentation for PowerShell.

The common articles are available in our centralized Contributor's Guide. The PowerShell-specific guides are available here.

Ways to contribute

There are two ways to contribute. Both contributions are valuable to us.

  • Filing issues helps us identify problems and gaps in our documentation. Sometimes the issues are difficult to resolve, requiring more investigation and research. The issue process allows us to have a conversation about the problem and develop a satisfactory resolution.

  • Submitting a pull request to add or change content is a more involved process. The following information outlines the tools, processes, and standards for submitting content to the documentation.

Prepare to make a contribution

Contributing to the documentation requires a GitHub account. Use the following checklist to install and configure the tools you need to make contributions.

  1. Sign up for GitHub
  2. Install Git and Markdown tools
  3. Install the Docs Authoring Pack
  4. Install Posh-Git - not required but recommended
  5. Set up a local Git repository
  6. Review Git and GitHub fundamentals

Get started writing docs

There are two ways to contribute changes to the documentation:

  1. Quick edits to existing docs
    • Minor corrections, fixing typos, or small additions
  2. Full GitHub workflow for docs
    • large changes, multiple versions, adding or changing images, or contributing new articles

Also, read the Writing essentials section of the centralized Contributor's Guide. Another excellent resource is the Microsoft Writing Style Guide. The goal of the Microsoft Writing Style Guide is to help editors, technical writers, developers, marketers, and anyone else in IT write better content.

Minor corrections or clarifications to documentation and code examples in public repositories are covered by the Terms of Use.

Use the full GitHub workflow when you're making significant changes. If you're not an employee of Microsoft, significant changes generate a comment in the pull request that asks you to submit an online Contribution Licensing Agreement (CLA). We need you to complete the online form before we can review or accept your pull request.

Code of conduct

All repositories that publish to have adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct or the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct. For more information, see the Code of Conduct FAQ.

Next steps

The following articles cover information specific to PowerShell documentation. Where there's overlap with the guidance in the centralized Contributor's Guide, we call out how those rules differ for the PowerShell content.

Review the following documents:

Additional resources