Windows PowerShell Core About Topics

This section contains the conceptual ("About") help topics that apply to all Windows PowerShell modules. For the About topics for other modules, see the help topics for the particular module.

Topic Description
about_Aliases Describes alternate names for cmdlets and commands in Windows PowerShell.
about_Arithmetic_Operators [v4] Describes the operators that perform arithmetic in Windows PowerShell.
about_Arrays [v4] Describes arrays; a compact data structure for storing data elements.
about_Assignment_Operators [v4] Describes the operators that assign values to variables.
about_Automatic_Variables [v4] Describes the automatic variables, which that store state information for Windows PowerShell.
about_Break [v4] Explains how to use the Break statement, a statement that immediately exits Foreach, For, While, Do, and Switch statements.
about_Checkpoint-Workflow Describes that Checkpoint-Workflow activity, which takes a checkpoint in a workflow.
about_Command_Precedence [v4] Describes how Windows PowerShell determines which command to run.
about_Command_Syntax [v4] Explains the command format in Windows PowerShell.
about_Comment_Based_Help [v4] Explains how to write comment-based help topics for functions and scripts.
about_CommonParameters [v4] Describes parameters that can be used with any cmdlet.
about_Comparison_Operators [v4] Describes the operators that compare values in Windows PowerShell.
about_Continue [v4] Describes the Continue statement, which immediately returns to top of a program loop.
about_Core_Commands [v4] Lists the cmdlets designed for use with Windows PowerShell providers.
about_Data_Sections [v4] Describes the Data section of scripts, which is designed to isolate data from code logic.
about_DesiredStateConfiguration Describes the Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration feature, which helps ensure consistent configuration across multiple remote, managed nodes.
about_Debuggers [v4] Describes the Windows PowerShell script debugger, a set of cmdlets for debugging scripts and functions.
about_Do [v4] Describes the Do statement, which runs a script block one or more times subject to a While or Until condition.
about_Environment_Variables [v4] Explains how to access Windows environment variables in Windows PowerShell.
about_Escape_Characters [v4] Introduces the escape character in Windows PowerShell (`) and explains its effect.
about_Eventlogs [v4] Describes the Windows PowerShell event log in Event Viewer.
about_Execution_Policies [v4] Describes the Windows PowerShell execution policies and explains how to manage them.
about_For [v4] Describes the For loop in Windows PowerShell.
about_ForEach [v4] Describes the ForEach statement, a statement that acts on each item in a collection.
about_Format.ps1xml [v4] Describes the Format.ps1xml files that define the default display of objects in the console.
about_Functions [v4] Explains how to create and use functions in Windows PowerShell.
about_Functions_Advanced [v4] Introduction to advanced functions; the functions that act like cmdlets.
about_Functions_Advanced_Methods [v4] Explains how to use the methods and properties that are available to cmdlets in advanced functions.
about_Functions_Advanced_Parameters [v4] Shows how to declare parameters for advanced functions.
about_Functions_CmdletBindingAttribute [v4] Describes the CmdletBinding attribute, which identifies a function that works like a cmdlet.
about_Functions_OutputTypeAttribute Describes an attribute that reports the type of object that the function returns.
about_Group_Policy_Settings Describes the Group Policy settings for Windows PowerShell.
about_Hash_Tables [v4] Explains how to create, use, and sort hash tables in Windows PowerShell.
about_History [v4] Explains how to get and run commands from the command history.
about_If [v4] Describes the If statement, which establishes conditions for an action.
about_InlineScript Describes the InlineScript workflow activity.
about_Jobs [v4] Describes Windows PowerShell background jobs.
about_Job_Details [v4] Provides detailed information about background jobs.
about_Join [v4] Describes the Join operator, which combines multiple strings into a single string.
about_Language_Keywords [v4] Describes the keywords in the Windows PowerShell scripting language.
about_Line_Editing [v4] Describes the editing features of the Windows PowerShell console.
about_Locations [v4] Explains how to use the working location in Windows PowerShell.
about_Logical_Operators [v4] Describes the operators that connect statements in Windows PowerShell.
about_Methods [v4] Explains how to use methods to perform actions on objects in Windows PowerShell.
about_Modules [v4] Explains how to install, import, and use Windows PowerShell modules.
about_Objects [v4] Explains how to work with objects in Windows PowerShell.
about_Object_Creation Explains how to create objects in Windows PowerShell.
about_Operators [v4] The overview topic that describes operators in Windows PowerShell. Contains topics about each operator type.
about_Operator_Precedence [v4] Lists the Windows PowerShell operators in precedence order.
about_Parameters [v4] Explains how to working with cmdlet parameters in Windows PowerShell.
about_Parameters_Default_Values Explains how to set custom default values for the parameters of cmdlets and advanced functions.
about_Parsing [v4] Explains how Windows PowerShell parses commands.
about_Path_Syntax [v4] Describes full and relative path name formats in Windows PowerShell.
about_Pipelines [v4] Explains how to combine commands into pipelines in Windows PowerShell.
about_PowerShell.exe Displays help for the PowerShell.exe command-line tool.
about_PowerShell_Ise.exe Displays help for the PowerShell_ISE.exe command-line tool.
about_Preference_Variables [v4] Describes the preference variables that customize Windows PowerShell.
about_Profiles [v4] Explains how to create and use a Windows PowerShell profile.
about_Prompts [v4] Explains how to create and use a Windows PowerShell profile.
about_Properties [v4] Explains how to use object properties in Windows PowerShell.
about_Providers [v4] Describes the Windows PowerShell providers and explains how to use the data that they expose.
about_PSSessions [v4] Describes Windows PowerShell sessions (PSSessions) and explains how to use them to run remote commands.
about_PSSession_Details [v4] Provides detailed information about Windows PowerShell sessions.
about_PSSnapins [v4] Describes Windows PowerShell snap-ins and explains how to use them to extend Windows PowerShell.
about_Quoting_Rules [v4] Explains the rules for using single and double quotation marks in Windows PowerShell, including here-strings.
about_Redirection [v4] Explains how to redirect output to variables and text files. Includes redirection operators.
about_Ref [v4] Explains how to create and use a reference variable type.
about_Regular_Expressions [v4] Explains how to use regular expressions in Windows PowerShell.
about_Remote [v4] How to run remote commands in Windows PowerShell.
about_Remote_Disconnected_Sessions Explains how to disconnect from and reconnect to a PSSession.
about_Remote_FAQ [v4] Questions and answers about running remote commands in Windows PowerShell.
about_Remote_Jobs [v4] Explains how to run background jobs on remote computers
about_Remote_Output [v4] Interpreting and formatting the output of remote commands.
about_Remote_Requirements [v4] System requirements and configuration requirements for running remote commands in Windows PowerShell.
about_Remote_Troubleshooting [v4] Troubleshooting remote operations in Windows PowerShell.
about_Remote_Variables Explains how to use local and remote variables in remote commands.
about_Requires [v4] Describes the Requires statement, which prevents a script from running without required snap-ins and versions.
about_Reserved_Words [v4] Lists words that are reserved to Windows PowerShell.
about_Return [v4] Exits the current scope, which can be a function, script, or script block.
about_Run_With_PowerShell Explains how to use the "Run with PowerShell" feature to run a script by right-clicking its entry in File Explorer.
about_Scheduled_Jobs Describes scheduled jobs and explains how to use and manage scheduled jobs in Windows PowerShell and in Task Scheduler.
about_Scheduled_Jobs_Basics Explains how to create and manage scheduled jobs.
about_Scheduled_Jobs_Advanced Explains advanced scheduled job topics, including the file structure that underlies scheduled jobs.
about_Scheduled_Jobs_Troubleshooting Explains how to resolve problems in scheduled jobs.
about_Scopes [v4] Explains how to set and change the scope of functions and variables in Windows PowerShell.
about_Script_Blocks [v4] Explains how to use script blocks to combine expressions, statements and commands into a single code block.
about_Script_Internationalization [v4] Describes the features that make it easy for scripts to display user messages in the language selected for Windows.
about_Scripts [v4] Explains how to write and run scripts in Windows PowerShell.
about_Session_Configurations [v4] Describes session configurations, which determine the users who can connect to the computer remotely and the commands they can run.
about_Session_Configuration_Files Describes session configuration files, which define the environment of sessions that use the session configuration.
about_Signing [v4] Describes the Windows PowerShell execution policies, explains how to manage them, and explains to how sign scripts so they comply with the execution policies.
about_Special_Characters [v4] Describes the special characters in Windows PowerShell.
about_Splatting Explains how to use splatting to pass parameters to commands in Windows PowerShell.
about_Split [v4] Describes the Split operator, which splits strings into substrings.
about_Switch [v4] Explains how to use a switch statement to replace multiple If statements.
about_Throw [v4] Describes the Throw keyword, which generates a terminating error.
about_Transactions [v4] Explains how to manage transacted operations in Windows PowerShell.
about_Trap [v4] Describes the Trap keyword, which handles a terminating error.
about_Try_Catch_Finally [v4] Error handling in scripts is done using the Try, Catch, and Finally script blocks.
about_Type_Operators [v4] Describes the operators that work with .NET types.
about_Types.ps1xml [v4] Describes the Types.ps1xml files that let you extend the .NET types of objects used in Windows PowerShell.
about_Updatable_Help Describes the updatable help system in Windows PowerShell.
about_Variables [v4] An overview topic that explains the types of variables in Windows PowerShell.
about_While [v4] Describes While loops in Windows PowerShell.
about_Wildcards [v4] Explains how to use the wildcard character (*) in Windows PowerShell.
about_Windows_PowerShell_5.0 Describes features and changes that are new to Windows PowerShell 4.0.
about_Windows_PowerShell_ISE [v3] Describes Windows PowerShell® Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE).
about_Workflows Provides a brief introduction to the Windows PowerShell Workflow feature.
about_WorkflowCommonParameters Describes the parameters that are valid on all Windows PowerShell workflow commands.
about_WMI Describes Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), which is Microsoft’s implementation of the Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) industry standard.
about_WMI_Cmdlets [v3] Provides background information about Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Windows PowerShell.
about_WQL Describes WMI Query Language (WQL), which can be used to get WMI objects in Windows PowerShell.
about_WS-Management_Cmdlets [v3] Describes the cmdlets in the Microsoft.WsMan.Management module. Explains how to use them together to manage WS-Management features, including the WSMan provider drive.

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