The ISESnippetCollection Object

The ISESnippetCollection object is a collection of ISESnippet objects. The files collection that is associated with a PowerShellTab object is a member of this class. An example is the $psISE.CurrentPowerShellTab.Files collection.


Load( FilePathName )

Supported in Windows PowerShell ISE 3.0 and later, and not present in earlier versions.

Loads a .snippets.ps1xml file that contains user-defined snippets. The easiest way to create snippets is to use the New-IseSnippet cmdlet, which automatically stores them in your profile folder so that they are loaded every time that you start Windows PowerShell ISE.

FilePathName - String The path and file name to a .snippets.ps1xml file that contains snippet definitions.

# Loads a custom snippet file into the current PowerShell tab.
$SnipFile = Join-Path ( Split-Path $profile) 'Snippets\MySnips.snippets.ps1xml' $psISE.CurrentPowerShellTab.Snippets.Add($SnipPath)

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