Windows PowerShell Cmdlet Concepts

This section describes how cmdlets work.

In This Section

This section includes the following topics.

Cmdlet Development Guidelines This topic provides development guidelines that can be used to produce well-formed cmdlets.

Cmdlet Class Declaration This topic describes cmdlet class declaration.

Approved Verbs for Windows PowerShell Commands This topic lists the predefined cmdlet verbs that you can use when you declare a cmdlet class.

Cmdlet Input Processing Methods This topic describes the methods that allow a cmdlet to perform preprocessing operations, input processing operations, and post processing operations.

Cmdlet Parameters This section describes the different types of parameters that you can add to cmdlets.

Cmdlet Attributes This section describes the attributes that are used to declare .NET Framework classes as cmdlets, to declare fields as cmdlet parameters, and to declare input validation rules for parameters.

Cmdlet Aliases This topic describes cmdlet aliases.

Cmdlet Output This section describes the type of output that cmdlets can return and how to define and display the objects that are returned by cmdlets.

Registering Cmdlets This section describes how to register cmdlets by using modules and snap-ins.

Requesting Confirmation This section describes how cmdlets request confirmation from a user before they make a change to the system.

Windows PowerShell Error Reporting This section describes how cmdlets report terminating errors and non-terminating errors, and it describes how to interpret error records.

Background Jobs This topic describes how cmdlets can perform their work within background jobs that do not interfere with the commands that are executing in the current session.

Invoking Cmdlets and Scripts Within a Cmdlet This topic describes how cmdlets can invoke other cmdlets and scripts from within their input processing methods.

Cmdlet Sets This topic describes using base classes to create sets of cmdlets.

Windows PowerShell Session State This topic describes Windows PowerShell session state.