PerformRequiredConfigurationChecks method

Starts a consistency check by using the Task Scheduler.


uint32 PerformRequiredConfigurationChecks(
  [in] uint32 Flags


Flags [in] A bitmask that specifies the type of consistency check to run. The following values are valid, and can be combined by using a bitwise OR operation:

Value Description
1 A normal consistency check.
2 A continuation of a consistency check after a reboot. This value should not be combined with other values.
4 The configuration should be pulled from the pull server specified in the metaconfiguration for the node. This value should always be combined with 1, for a value of 5.
8 Send status to the report server.

Return value

Returns zero on success; otherwise returns an error code.


This is a static method.


MOF: DscCore.mof

Namespace: Root\Microsoft\Windows\DesiredStateConfiguration

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