Software Inventory Logging (SIL)

IMPORTANT: When installing WMF 5.0 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Server that is already running SIL, it is necessary to run the Start-SilLogging cmdlet once after the WMF install, as the installation process will errantly stop the Software Inventory Logging feature.

Software Inventory Logging helps reduce the operational costs of getting accurate information about the Microsoft software installed locally on a server, but especially across many servers in an IT environment (assuming the software is installed and running across the IT environment). Provided one is set up, you can forward this data to an aggregation server, and collect the log data in one place by using a uniform, automatic process.

While you can also log software inventory data by querying each computer directly, Software Inventory Logging, by employing a forwarding (over the network) architecture initiated by each server, can overcome server discovery challenges that are typical for many software inventory and asset management scenarios. Software Inventory Logging uses SSL to secure data that is forwarded over HTTPS to an aggregation server. Storing the data in one place makes the data easier to analyze, manipulate, and share when necessary.

None of this data is sent to Microsoft as part of the feature functionality. Software Inventory Logging data and functionality is meant for the sole use of the server software’s licensed owner and administrators.

For more information and documentation about Software Inventory Logging cmdlets, see Windows Server 2012 R2 online resources at