Community Resources

Note: This information is preliminary and subject to change.

The PowerShell team welcomes and encourages customer feedback on the product, and supports multiple approaches for users to contact us. Any of the approaches listed below will allow you to provide feedback to us, but we recommend you start with the links on the PowerShell home page.

The PowerShell home page is the center for information about PowerShell, and has a link directly for "Feedback" in the menu near the top of the page. You can start there to access our feedback channels quickly. This is the recommended approach to providing feedback, as it will be actively maintained over time, and will direct you to the best location.

The PowerShell team manages a UserVoice forum to capture issues and suggestions with Windows PowerShell and our services. This forum supports adding votes to existing issues, which the PowerShell team uses to prioritize our work. Enter words or phrases that relate to your issue into the search feature on the right to see if it has been identified previously. If nothing matches, feel free to add a new item. There are subsections listed on the right for the different feature areas the PowerShell team manages. You can add your issue in the appropriate area, or leave it at the root and the PowerShell team will place it in the proper location after we review it.

Users who are familiar with GitHub can provide feedback on many PowerShell features by raising issues in the PowerShell GitHub site. There are many repositories we maintain and use for open source development and capturing user issues in that location. A few key repositories to point out are:

  • Powershell-Docs, where all documentation (including this content) is maintained.
  • PowerShell is the location for PowerShell Core, which is the future version of PowerShell. This is the place to suggest feature recommendations, or raise issues for PowerShell Core.
  • PowerShellGet repository is for the PowerShellGet module and cmdlets.
  • DSCResources contains the set of DSC modules maintained by the PowerShell team and published to the PowerShell Gallery in the DSC Resource Kit.