OpenMP Libraries


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Discusses the .lib files that make up the OpenMP run-time libraries in Visual C++.

The following libraries contain the Visual C++ OpenMP run-time library functions.

OpenMP run-time library Characteristics
VCOMP.LIB Multithreaded, dynamic link (import library for VCOMP.LIB).
VCOMPD.LIB Multithreaded, dynamic link (import library for VCOMPD.LID) (debug)

If _DEBUG is defined in a compilation and if #include omp.h is in source code, VCOMPD.LIB will be the default lib. Otherwise, VCOMP.LIB will be used.

You can use /NODEFAULTLIB (Ignore Libraries) to remove the default lib and explicitly link with the lib of your choice.

The OpenMP DLLs are in the Visual C++ redistributable directory and need to be distributed with applications that use OpenMP.

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