The Web server reported the following error when attempting to create or open the Web project located at the following URL: <URL>

The Web server has reported one of several possible errors as listed in the error message. Common errors, possible causes, and proposed solutions are listed in the following table. Several solutions require you to contact the administrator of the Internet Information Services (IIS) computer that hosts the URL in question. Provide the administrator with the error and possible cause listed.


Possible cause


403 Forbidden

The application does not have permission to access a resource (such as a file). This error does not necessarily indicate that you have invalid authentication credentials.

Contact the administrator.

SSL Required

The virtual root for this application has been configured in IIS to require Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and use a server certification.

Use https:// protocol in the URL of the application.

Access denied

You do not have permission to access the application or an individual page in it.

Contact the administrator.

IP address rejected

The Web server has been configured to deny access to the IP address of the computer you are using.

Contact the administrator.

A connection with the server could not be established

IIS is not installed or not running, or the Web site is not running in IIS.

Check that the Web server is installed and running on the Web server computer. Check that the Web site is running. For details, see:

Server name or address could not be resolved

The server you specified cannot be found or does not exist

Make sure that the server name is correct and that the server is available on your network.

For information about other possible problems, see Visual Studio .NET cannot create the application <application>. Required components are not installed.